Earbender's Sports Highlights of 2009

Looking back at the previous year in sports, the Earbender Sports Personality of the Year is “awarded” annually to the young athlete (or a veteran in a new role) that overcomes social, political and competitive challenges. I look to various professional sports as a pastime but also as a lesson in teamwork and other […]

Baseball Digest's New Website Goes Live!

The long-awaited Baseball Digest website had its official launch yesterday! Baseball Digest is one of the oldest baseball-only publications, but has had no presence on the internet until just a few months ago. Now reduced to only 8 issues per year, the new website is a chance for the magazine to survive as a historical […]

Baseball Digest Arrives in the 21st Century

The Bicentennial Issue featured Bill Madlock

This week I discovered the new Baseball Digest archive on Google Books, that includes EVERY issue they have ever published in its entirety. The monthly started in the forties and provides a very detailed look at Major League Baseball.

As a monthly publication in the age of […]