Earbender's Sports Highlights of 2009

Looking back at the previous year in sports, the Earbender Sports Personality of the Year is “awarded” annually to the young athlete (or a veteran in a new role) that overcomes social, political and competitive challenges. I look to various professional sports as a pastime but also as a lesson in teamwork and other […]

Rosenfelder Index of Super Bowl XLIII ads – Live blogging the 2nd half

Bruce Springsteen at Super Bowl XLIII

Set Sixteen Monsters vs. Aliens – March 27 3D nice Golden Gate Bridge collapse! ($12) Sobe – some unrecognizable celebrities I suppose (no spiel just visual) ($1.50) Chuck 3D (free)

Halftime report and dark stadium in the background for Springsteen set change.

Set Seventeen Sprint – nextel direct […]

Rosenfelder Index – live blog of Super Bowl XLIII Ads

The Rosenfelder Index is an annual review of Super Bowl advertising that focuses on the cost of buying everything advertised during the game. The result is a cross-section of the US economy, outlined in what is being marketed. This year, the Rosenfelder Index goes live for Super Bowl XLIII (or at least as long […]