Google Music Service to Be Announced Today?

After a long hiatus, the Earbender blog returns with a visit to the Google I/O Extended conference from the company’s New York headquarters. After a sumptuous buffet accompanied by oldies music by the Beach Boys and righteous brothers, a short intro from Vic Gundutra, we will soon see what the hubbub is.

Google has been […]

RIP Roger Nichols

I just read on Rosann Cash’s tweet about the death of Roger Nichols, the famous recording engineer and innovator. He was also known for having been in the atomic energy industry before working with music. The production quality he facilitated for Steely Dan especially is so distinctive that the music is often the standard by […]

In Preparation for SXSW

Stu Bergen used to say “poor planning probably produces poor products” (or something like that). Take whatever sayings you can to Texas next week, because good business acumen is dependent on solid fundamentals (carrying a pen, being early, etc.). My personal goals for the week are to promote the projects I’m working, and connect with […]

Swag I Have Known #2

(Courtesy of MySpace Music/Lisette Rioux Paulson)

One of the main reasons I am so enthusiastic about the convergence of entertainment and technology is the swag. Items like the iPhone case above are indicative of a lot of money being thrown around in hope of awareness, branding and other indirect effects. How many hits to […]

Technology Converts at SXSW Music 2010, Interactive 2011

Google's impressive booth

It has been almost 4 years since I began my technology conversion with my music promotion consultancy Earbender. By adopting technology in order to communicate more effectively with my traditional sphere of contacts, college and community radio people, the relationships became managed on a public or macro level, therefore creating a […]