Ping! Gets a Bump from The Beatles

Apple's latest iTunes update includes music by the Beatles themselves.

The Beatles‘ music has finally been made available via the iTunes store, and while the music reaching a younger people is important on many levels, financially and culturally the band’s presence coincides with two new iTunes-based services, Ping! and iTunes LP.

Why simply sell […]

09/09/09: "Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten the Dust"

The Beatles: Rock Band

Beatles fans have Rock Band to thank for creating the massive cash incentive for the band and label to agree to cds reissues. The settlement over the name Apple between the Beatles and the computer company was the first big legal step in making this historic day happen. And Rock Band’s […]

Beatles Ringo and Paul Reunite, Announce Reissues

Apple Records Newsletter includes photos of the packages for Abbey Road and Sergeant Pepper.

Apple Records announced today their plan to reissue the music of The Beatles, coincidentally (?) occurring just as the news of Paul and Ringo’s New York concert appearance was reaching the world.

To summarize,

the albums will include […]