Obama on Intellectual Property at US Export Conference

Music, which has fueled a generation’s adoption of the internet (through Napster) and created the market for the handheld computer (iPod/iPhone), now deserves a chance to be nourished back to health by technology. As a longtime employee of major labels, member of NARAS, RIAA, etc., I am biased. But clearly, if there were less piracy […]

My Name is Khan Opens February 12

My Name is Khan, the love story featuring the highly anticipated reunion of Bollywood superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, My Name is Khan, opens in the US just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 12.

My Name is Khan is a global entertainment event. With 2500 prints, it is India’s biggest film export […]

I'm the President, but He's the Boss

President Obama made a great speech about Bruce Springsteen on the occasion of his being awarded the Kennedy Center Honors.


Grandpa Elliott Solo Album to Debut Playing for Change Label

Playing for Change presents Grandpa Elliott

Concord Records has announced the debut release on the Playing for Change label will be Grandpa Elliott‘s Sugar Sweet.

On the tasty, well-titled, Sugar Sweet, Grandpa Elliot performs classic southern soul, blues, folk and r & b songs with his deep and charismatic voice. He is also joined […]

John Lennon's 69 – Happy Birthday/TMI

You are STILL Here

How exciting to awaken on John Lennon’s birthday to the news that Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Even as the opposition carps against his ambitions in DC, the world recognizes that he is a transformational character.

John Lennon was certainly that type too, so it’s a […]