Portishead Promotes New Album, with Caveats

Portishead: Adrian Utley, Beth Gibbons and Geoff Barrow

Not coincidentally, Portishead recently sent a message to fans about their new recordings. In announcing their album, leader Geoff Barrow has told NME what not to expect from the band, and most of it aligns with the strict control over their image and music that has […]

Ping! Gets a Bump from The Beatles

Apple's latest iTunes update includes music by the Beatles themselves.

The Beatles‘ music has finally been made available via the iTunes store, and while the music reaching a younger people is important on many levels, financially and culturally the band’s presence coincides with two new iTunes-based services, Ping! and iTunes LP.

Why simply sell […]

Aren't You at SXSW?

Mark Abuzzahab TCB at Guero's

Yes of course, which is why I haven’t been on here that much. It gets insanely busy during this week, with at least four or five excellent events happening at once. You can’t be everywhere, and that leads to stress. Some folks might try to organize things for you, […]

Doonesbury: "Tweets for Twits"

All week, as Doonesbury newsman Roland Burton Hedley, Jr. has been sending “tweets,” I have awaited the hammer falling on the whole system, and its users (my twitter is @earbender). With a mix of agism and sarcasm, the final panel of today’s column sums up artist Garry Trudeau’s feelings (and many other people’s too).

Not Lost in My Inbox

The Revivalists in their rehearsal space

It’s been a week or two since I gave a thumbnail on what has come through, so please enjoy the latest installment of “Not Lost in My Inbox.” The idea from my side is to keep me up to date on things I am pitched or that people […]